Through Grains of Sand and Sun

Through Grains of Sand and Sun
2014 – 5 mins – Director/Producer/Editor
An experimental and conceptual piece focusing on one runner’s reflections of a camel-supported journey through the Kyzyl Kum Desert of Uzbekistan. It is a film which melds abstract moving visuals with an honest narrative inspired by the writings of desert explorer Wilfred Thesiger and Haruki Murakami’s own musings on running.
A part of the Tales from the Steppe film collection.

Through Grains of Sand and Sun is a part of the ‘Tales from the Steppe’ film collection on Central Asia.

Over the course of three years Matthew prepared a series of expeditions and adventure projects throughout Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In addition to a successful marketing campaign collaborating with twenty-two sponsors/organisations, the project also resulted in fifteen film screenings, multiple published articles, presentations, a book by Jamie and an award for ‘Furthering British-Kazakh Relations’ at the House of Commons on behalf of the British-Kazakh Society. The films in the collection include A Portrait of Orozbek, Under an Eastern Sky, Wild Steppe, Packrafting the Khovd and Through Grains of Sand and Sun.

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