A Portrait of Orozbek

A Portrait of Orozbek
2015 – 37 mins
An in-depth look at the life of Orozbek, a Tajik-Kyrgyz hunter and herder living in the remote Pamir Mountains of south-eastern Tajikistan near the Afghan border. The aim of the film is to take the audience on a visual exploration of his life and those of the other ethnic Kyrgyz in the remote and often nomadic communities around him. As the film progresses and Matthew and Jamie spend more time with Orozbek, the true wonders and mysteries of Pamirs begin to reveal themselves; ranging from ancient mines, archaeological discoveries and a mysterious organic painkiller.
Winner of Best Environmental Documentary at the Mountain Film Festival and a part of the Tales from the Steppe film collection.

Under an Eastern Sky is a part of the ‘Tales from the Steppe’ film collection on Central Asia.

Over the course of three years Matthew prepared a series of expeditions and adventure projects throughout Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In addition to a successful marketing campaign collaborating with twenty-two sponsors/organisations, the project also resulted in fifteen film screenings, multiple published articles, presentations, a book by Jamie and an award for ‘Furthering British-Kazakh Relations’ at the House of Commons on behalf of the British-Kazakh Society. The films in the collection include A Portrait of Orozbek, Under an Eastern Sky, Wild Steppe, Packrafting the Khovd and Through Grains of Sand and Sun.